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CINCINNATI -- An NFL Network official expressed regret Monday afternoon for what he called a production mistake that led to several naked Cincinnati Bengals players being seen in the background of an interview on the network following Sunday's game at Buffalo.Just minutes after the 6-0 Bengals' 34-21 win, NFL Network reporter Albert Breer was interviewing cornerback Adam Jones when a few of Jones' teammates were caught on camera changing behind him or walking toward the showers.To bad the porn industry is rather absent but the amateurs are sharing their videos by the thousands.Sexual adventures on cam which are highly attractive.The best nude women collection where you can easily reach to thousands of naked sporty babes when performing in hot XXX videos.Real nudity and amazing dolls, all moody for kinky stuff while exposing their gorgeous nude assets in spicy manners.The 35-year-old singer has been no stranger to flaunting her hot body lately.


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When the network moved from the interview to a full-screen graphic outlining quarterback Andy Dalton's strong play this season, the show's anchors were clearly aghast."What an interview," one said. NFL Network vice president of communications Alex Riethmiller said Monday that "it was a regrettable mistake by our production team.""We've already done a pretty thorough review of the procedures and processes that were dropped along the way to make sure it doesn't happen again," Riethmiller told Bengals media on a conference call."I shouldn't have to change in it and be in front of people I don't know or really don't have any purpose of being near me other than the fact they are interviewing other people," Bengals player rep Andrew Whitworth said Monday. As a man, I think it's right the policy is changed."Like the NFL, the WNBA has a policy of allowing its postgame locker rooms to open after a 10-minute cooling-off period."It's not like it bothers me personally," Whitworth said. There's no other situation in America where you have to do that.

Riethmiller added that implied in the statement was an apology "to everybody that was affected: to the players, to the organization, to the viewing public, first and foremost."The apology did little to calm concerns Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth raised in a series of Monday morning tweets and during his interview with reporters later in the day in a mostly empty Bengals locker room in Cincinnati."This is a big issue for me," said Whitworth, the Bengals' union player rep and one of the players shown. "[But] you can't judge us off who we will and won't accept into our locker room and then say all these things we have to do, but then also put us in a situation where every single day I have to change clothes and be naked or not in front of media. It's dated, it's old, and it needs to change."Whitworth suggested players pre-requested by media could be brought to other areas of the stadium, where they could be placed in front of cameras in a more presentable fashion.

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