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I was getting sick of being approached at bars by white men, changing their pick up line from "Are you an angel?

By casting coloured women as different, they maintain the status quo of race and sex dominance while marginalizing, sexualizing, and dehumanizing coloured women.This is not to say I have become the mad mixed woman in the attic and have cast off all white men.It's also not to say that this can't happen with all races of men -- I just have yet to find an interracial relationship where my difference isn't at the forefront.Nobody knew what I was, so I was immediately placed in a stereotypical category that both separated me from others and made me mysterious. After months of self-hatred, feeling dirty inside and out and wondering what I was doing wrong, I finally started to come to terms with what was happening around me.

Being a racial minority female in a city of racially dominant men made me exotic.

I was a hot coloured commodity in a rather colourless city, because they had so few "people like me." The exotification of women comes from being that racialized woman -- the Other kind of woman who does not carry "white" features or practices "white" culture.


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    This is why the Vedic gurukula system starts the theoretical and practical education and training of children with the scientific study of dharma, followed by artha, kama and moksha, each used as an instrument for the individual evolution and the progress of society.people will instinctively try to obtain sense gratification through food and sex, but if they do not know how life works, they will inevitably face health problems (both physically and mentally) and difficulties in personal relationships, and the pleasures they attain will be limited and ineffective.

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    Touching her treasure returned to the reality of what is happening, as if dipped in cold water.

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