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Of course, generalized gender differences may not apply in every case.The following are some of the characteristics of girls' brains: These “girl” brain qualities are the tip of the iceberg, yet they can immediately help teachers and parents understand why girls generally outperform boys in reading and writing from early childhood throughout life (Conlin, 2003).Something is awry in the way our culture handles the education needs of boys and girls.

Girls are now only negligibly behind boys in math and science, areas in which boys have historically outperformed girls (Conlin, 2003).

When David and Myra Sadker teamed with the American Association of University Women in the early 1990s, they found that girls were not called on as much as boys were, especially in middle school; that girls generally lagged in math/science testing; that boys dominated athletics; and that girls suffered drops in self-esteem as they entered middle and high school (AAUW, 1992). Michael Gurian is Cofounder of the Gurian Institute, which trains education professionals in gender difference and brain-based learning.


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