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Any lady (or gentleman for that matter) not wanting sex chat with younger wo/men --- or any wo/men --- can simply take advantage of the "block" option on this site at any point in time should an initial connection violate or in any way offend her/his sensibilities. I always say one reason I think they try to get sex chat from older (old lol) women isthat they are not going to do that with a girl their age because they are wanting todate her and not scare her away.i wonder how many of these little boys are being indulged here since they come up all the time?

If the above were to occur, this entire thread would be sorry Rokei57 how silly of him. I get some near my town who ask if they could take me to dinner.i always say no that I have children their age and i am very polite and they go away.i apologize for being vulgar, but men of different ages believe this is a turn-on and flattering and can be RECIPROCATED ( no,it's his CRUSH/puppy love even after 20)AS A WOMANit is the difference between a pet that's loyal or a stray pup humping your one would tolerate the latter-it's embarassing and awkward,worse in public.(analogy)AS A MOTHERmy kids went through a phase when the thought of adults having sex was, eeewww!

Cleaver in the kitchen,dishing out too many compliments (like they were equals, IF so, it still would be wrong)she simply said one word..."WARD''.

he addresses EDDIE like a child and he leaves with Wally.

Ward is adult- not a buddy;doesn't high five him,agree on his taste in women,not his is why we LOVE MEN ( not boys/buddies/fwb.) they love,respect and protect us."Younger men and cyber chat/ you expect from boys..

Real men,usually older and more experienced have manners and class..."older doesn't equate to more experienced on any level, and many lack manners and class Wow, whats wrong with it? Women seem to forget how easily they can get it, so to them its something to be of like tall people wondering why short people are always buying to mention,theres no shortage of older women seeking intimate encounters on POFI have learned it was how you were raised, I raise my son with respect,discipline,love and good mannerism.

just for young creepy if i had sex was with someone's right they OWN their friends.(is also why mothers and daughters should not both act like teens)i am the role-model of womanhood for daughters, and how sons choose their think we are avoid wrecking family ties with sexual competition.

AS A WIFEjust remember Eddie Haskell* hanging around Mrs.



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