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So, unless you want your customers to be dissatisfied with your agent’s’ performance, you should encourage them to hide negative emotions.

The customer is not always right, but we need to make our best to satisfy their needs.

Thomas is a very ambitious individual who doesn’t like the job he does and is not even trying to find its good sides.

In the end, his job performance only gets worse over time, his colleagues no longer like him and employers discontinue to trust him.

Every new Downton Abbey employee is taken under the wing of the most senior servant.


A good example of how a lack of motivation can influence work performance is Thomas Barrow, a Downton Abbey’s valet.

If an agent feels fear, sadness, anger or frustration, it might happen that they will unconsciously vent it on a customer and turn good customer experience into a bad one.

Do you remember how Countess Violet has described her butler?

There was something magical about following the Grantham’s family from the early 1900s and watching the transition from the Edwardian era to World War I.

The important part of the series was the change in the British aristocracy.So although Downton Abbey tells us a story of 1900 customers, in fact, it’s a story about timeless traits that they will always value: self-control, good work ethics and diligence.


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