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Dolly deliberately chose a new house with an attic (somewhat of a rarity in Los Angeles), and once again Otto moved in to resume their affair.

I was like, 'Dang, I dunno if we’ll be able to do it.' So I had just filmed a quick shot in the house and had him sit in the same spot and then act like lifting back up.

They also arranged trysts at Dolly's home but, when neighbors began noting Otto's increasingly frequent comings and goings and alerted her husband, Dolly suggested to Otto that he quit his job and secretly move into the Oesterreichs' upstairs attic to allay any further suspicions. Not only would this put him in closer proximity to his lover but it would also give him time to pursue his dream of writing pulp fiction stories.


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    When he’s not at work on one of his many projects, Turbo™ is heavy into the NY Rangers, watching pro-wrestling and checking out the latest movies.

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