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With Big Fat Chat stories, news, features, and even competitions and fun quizzes. If you are having difficulty in signing up, then email us directly at [email protected] We want the debate to go as far and wide across Staffordshire as possible and we can’t do it without your support.

Simply give us your email and we’ll make sure that you only get relevant updates. Practical things you can do to support the debate Staffordshire’s Big Fat Chat is a public debate being run by Staffordshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board.

It's basically a skeleton web application you can use to learn the Fat-Free Framework and use as a base for your future projects.

Special thanks to the selfless others who expressed their desire to remain anonymous, yet share their time, contribute code, send donations, promote the framework to a wider audience, as well as provide encouragement and regular financial assistance.

Your donations help keep this project alive and the development team motivated.

Donors and sponsors get priority support (24-hour response time on business days). You can also download the Firefox Chatzilla add-on or Pidgin if you don't have an IRC client so you can participate in the live chat.

As part of Staffordshire’s Big Fat Chat, we want you and your family to try and go sugar-free for a week.


A significant amount of time, effort, and money has been spent on this project.

This includes sugar that is added to items by a manufacturer or by you or the cook in your family when they prepare something to eat.

It also includes not eating anything with added honey, fruit nectars and syrup as well as sugar.

Out comes a full-featured toolkit for web artisans, that will make your daily work a lot easier, no matter if you're a beginner or expert. The latest official release welcomes the summer with a bang and marks the final milestone in this version of the Fat-Free Framework.

Packed with exciting new features and outstanding documentation that consumed significant time and effort to develop and refine, version 3.6 is finally available for download.

With Big Fat Chat stories, news, features, and even competitions and fun quizzes.


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