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Instead of fighting it, try to reframe the issue in your mind: You’re not buying a printer because you’re supposed to have one at home.

I’ll be the gentleman of course make sure house is stacked with snacks and everything else we will need. A cursory search of the Craigslist personal section for terms like “blizzard,” “snow,” “Stella,” and “I’d like to have sex with you mostly because my radiator is broken,” currently yields plenty of results.

This number is only likely to grow if and when Stella actually arrives.

But our years of experience covering these apparent boxes of junk give us a better understanding of why they exist.

Here are some other general truths that you may have never considered (or willingly ignore when you feel like throwing a tantrum about your printer).

User reviews considered in the aggregate will alert you to trends in long-term reliability, and individual reviews can reveal a lot of little details that the pro reviews sometimes overlook: poorly written owner’s manuals, whether it jams on card stock, the fax machine doesn’t work, etc.


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