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It removes CSS encryption, Macrovision protection, sets the disc’s region to ‘0’ for region-free, and is capable of removing RCE region checking. This is to backup your legally-purchased DVDs onto your hard drive.

Miro – Download torrents and podcasts, play any video, and do it with style.

Ever wish you could control pandora without even being at your computer? Pandora Boy allows you to control your music with global hotkeys or your Apple Remote.Since Miro downloads most videos, you can take your shows with you, even on an airplane.Quite simply, Miro is a better way to watch all the video you care about.Sizzling Keys is an i Tunes controller that lets you do just that – and more – in an intuitive and unobtrusive way.


Whether it’s to pause the player, adjust the volume, skip a track or rate a song, you can do all that and more with simple customizable keystrokes. You can even search your i Tunes Library or Playlists with a simple keystroke, all without switching to i Tunes!

It doesn’t need any external codec, program or codec pack to work.


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