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Racism was wrong and completely went against what the Koran asked of True Believers.

Of course, even though Saudis lived in the heartland of Islam, many of them didn't truly practice what they preached. Aisha counted herself lucky to live in a place where she could be herself without fear of reprisal from anyone.

Canadians had a reputation for being nice but many of them were racist as hell.

Since Dawit was six-foot-three, built like an NBA player and armed with an MBA from the University of Ottawa, they found him threatening. Dawit tried in vain to understand the source of Stephanie's hostility. He even brought gifts for both the Christians and the Jews at work during Christmas and Hanukkah.


Dawit's paternal grandfather the venerable old Kassim Mahmoud, was a Christian. The sight of his darling wife Aisha always took his mind off his troubles. Sometimes she stayed late in the library to study for her Criminology classes.

His boss Stephanie Tremblay was a tall, good-looking French Canadian woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.



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    I then went to a nearby hospital and volunteered in triage until 5 in the morning, helping shocked people get home and answering the phone calls of people searching for loved ones and colleagues.

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