Hot chat direct is a scam

Just stay away from Alibaba and Chinese suppliers altogether if you’re looking for branded goods as you have an extremely high chance of getting scammed and receiving fake goods (or none at all). Chinese scammers open a FREE Alibaba profile using the details of a legitimate UK/US/EU based company.

They pretend to be that legit company to sell branded goods (any goods for that matter, even unbranded) and basically just take your money and never send you anything.

Or even better – buy 5 and get one free, plus free shipping! On Alibaba itself it is very easy – just stick with the rule of NOT buying branded goods and you have protected yourself from these 2 most common scams. i Phones for 0, Mac Books for 0 – these are typical scammer prices. They want people to believe that they have found a superb deal while in reality it’s a very cheap scam. If you see products like these selling on one website with too good to be true prices, it’s a 100% definite SCAM: Usually genuine wholesalers selling designer handbags won’t also deal with i Phones, so this is a clear sign that you have found a scam.

But what if you have found a website selling branded stock? To sum it up – branded goods and China just don’t go together.

Quite often they may also provide you with fake courier tracking numbers that have fake information about your goods being held in customs. There are no such customs fees to pay when exporting goods from China so if you receive an email like this from your supplier, you have already been scammed and can say goodbye to the money you have already paid. Very often these scammers go even further – once you pay that first additional payment, a few days later they will come up with another excuse that requires yet more money from you.

This also includes specialised DVDs like Baby Einstein sets, P90X training programs and similar.

As I said, as sad as it is, if you get emails like these, you have already been scammed and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from accept the loss and move on, and just try to learn from what happened. Suppliers list DVDs, software, video games and similar media products.

When you receive them, you find out that they’re cheap, pirated bootleg copies, which are illegal to re-sell. DO NOT buy such items from Alibaba suppliers or any Chinese supplier for that matter.

Secondly, they will usually use Gmail or another free email service.

Thirdly, when it comes to paying for goods, they will only accept payment via bank transfer to some weird bank account or the same old Western Union or Money Gram only. When it’s time to make payment for your order, your supplier informs you that there’s a problem with their bank account and asks you to send money to the boss’ account, which is of course a personal account.This isn’t as common but another trick scammers try is to clone the website of a genuine company, but change the contact details and try to scam people this way.


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    Some sites provide free registration, but may offer services which require a monthly fee.

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    Maca spray dijual di jepun dan dilebih 20 negara lain diseluruh dunia.

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    They come with a subscription and one-time premium perks.

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    If you are blind or visually impaired and are having trouble reading a notice we sent you in the mail, you can ask a Social Security representative to read it and explain it to you.

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    Chatting adalah suatu feature / program dalam Internet untuk berkomunikasi langsung sesama pemakai Internet yang sedang online (yang sedang sama-sama menggunakan Internet).

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    Journalist Mazen Mahdi added that he witnessed a similar crackdown in Sanabis, another suburb of the capital, and saw security forces sealing off the area.

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