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So the ramping down of flu vaccine manufacturing had nothing to do with lawsuits—no one was seeking redress of grievances against the flu shot—the low supply of flu vaccines in 2004, Snopes explained, had to do with flu vaccines losing money, and with vaccine makers transitioning production to the scary “live virus” intranasal spray Flu Mist®.

When story examples are more important than fact and there is ONLY opinion, where does that lead us?

having a share of the credit and consequences of success or failure as part of a ruling coalition, your party can become badly warped.

Conservative media was citing this as a proof of I’d understand employing this example, if it were true. Few suits have ever been filed on the flu shot, the controversy is primarily over the early childhood immunization schedule, MMR vaccine, DPT vaccine, the use of thiomersal and so forth.The image of tranquil Mobile Bay, relatively sleepy downtown Mobile, and then not *in*—the somber, gray bay waters like some demonic silver monopoly game piece, a behemoth Cylon-lookin’ war machine, warship USS Montgomery (LCS-8).


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    Until recently, there has been no organization in Serbia, which would incorporate the issue of rights and culture of bisexual and transgender population into its programme.

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    The flash-forward scene at the end of "My Finale" showed all of them together as a happy family.

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    Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, surveyed women and men about pubic hair grooming patterns and self-reported history of sexually transmitted infections.

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