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Except for a great social media platform, Weixin is also an important way for (Chinese) media and businesses to stay in touch with their audiences.For more information about Weixin, read our as a consequence to new rules that required users to register with their real names.You can also take a normal picture of your friends and later turn them into proper dragqueens (sorry! Dou Pai is an original video app where personal images can be placed in pre-made scenes. Different from the My Idol app, this app also allows two users to be in the same scene together; like two tigers holding hands in the woods, for example. 3 million of Blued’s users are located outside of China.The luxury of restaurant food in the comfort of one’s own home – this is what the new Chinese app ‘Good Chef’ (好厨师) offers.Afterwards, users can rate the chefs with one to five stars and leave a comment about their experience. As Chinese website , over 20,000 people ordered a chef to cook in their home during the Chinese New Year period.The company currently employs 320 chefs on full-time basis. China does not only have a flourishing mobile app market, it is also a unique one.Popular Western app services like Twitter or Facebook have been blocked in Mainland China for over five years.


Alternative Android app stores like 360 (360手机助手), My App by Tencent (腾讯应用宝), Baidu app store (百度手机助手), the Xiaomi phone store (小米应用商店) or Wandoujia (豌豆荚) are amongst the most popular ones.Some of these, like 360 or Baidu, are more than just an app store; they are tools to manage your phone by clearing the cache, deleting apps, saving on battery life, etc.


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