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Please confirm these prices before departing on the trek.Travel Insurance Personal Expenses A spectacularly rich experience in the Andean Mountains awaits you!Travel from Lima to Cuzco and prepare to immerse yourself in the Inca culture as you hike 43 kilometers through the heart of the beautiful Andes, to the Inca Capital of Machu Picchu.Today you will be picked-up at Lima airport and transferred to your accommodation for check-in. Pack your bag and get ready to be transferred to the airport to catch a flight to the Inca capital, Cuzco.Take your time and rest as much as you feel necessary as you ascend more than 1,200 meters over the course of the morning.Don't miss awe-inspiring views of the valley as you reach the pass and remember to take your photograph at the top!

Stroll slowly down to Pacaymayo Camp (3,600m) to enjoy the scenery.Start with a one-hour hike uphill to visit the oval-shaped Pacaymayo archaeological site believed to have been either a crop-storage structure or an Inca military fortress overlooking the valley to control the region.


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