Roulette chat for old women

According to the vid I just watched it was 14% masturbators out of a sample of 90 people.Fuck that noise, as you say if I wanted to watch men doing that I'd just stick to the very accessible deluge of porn that's out there (and that I have subscription services to! I mean, you don't even get a guarantee that the 14% are going to be attractive and willing to go to completion...Like some bastard child of Skype and Stumble Upon, Chat Roulette drops you into a face-to-face conversation, via your webcam, with one random stranger after another, at the click of a mouse. I must have gotten, like, 15 masturbators, a guy in a ski mask playing a ukelele, quite possibly the fattest woman I have ever seen, and some guy who only wanted to talk about pretzels. A penis comes up (heh) about every 3rd person and I just click report then they get disconnected for 10 minutes.I would assume most of it is dudes jerking-off (and I haven't even logged in yet! Most people just rejected me and went for someone else :(I would assume most of it is dudes jerking-off That is exactly what I would assume as well. I chatted with a singer in Brazil and just now a guy in Holland played the guitar for me.:)Lol, I'm actually somewhat nervous about being on webcam.The laptop I'm using has one built in, I'm a decent-looking dude and I'm not all that shy when it comes to other things.- At least three different empty conference room tables.


No trolls or flailing sausage so far, which is nice. I don't have time to search for it now but the Daily Show's segment on this is freaking hilarious. There are a few, but it's not like it's 80% dicks, or anything like that.

- One guy wearing boxers, scratching his nads, with the camera pointed to his groin.

- Three german teen girls trying to get their camera to work. Of course some of us would be quite happy to watch a bunch of random dudes jerking off - would we be welcomed on that site too?

Options include the ability to connect with only strangers that have a webcam and connecting to strangers in specific countries.


go chat » If you are tired of seeing mostly dudes and want to connect with with REAL random girls then Funyo Girls is what you are looking for!But the idea of getting on a webcam on this site sortof puts knots in my stomach.


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