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He is very bossy and argumentative at times as he always wants to get things done his own way.

He may also be very critical of other people and too outspoken with some ego but he never waits to apologize once he knows that he has not been fair.

This woman desperately needs romance, because only romance can heal her instinctive doubt.

The important thing for the Aries man to realize is that his lady love is as much an idealist about love and life as he is and at times even more.


Then can lead to some pretty dramatic heated arguments that somehow stimulate the relationship and its intensity.

His sense of humor and protective instinct makes him a perfect match for her, who needs security at all levels.

He accompanies her in all her activities and appreciates all her talents stimulating her confidence and individuality.

A delicious thrill sweeps through their bodies and that’s a wonderful chemistry at all levels.


Both, the Aries and the Sagittarius love to laugh and play with each other but neither of them likes to be tied down.Their sexual rapport can be warm, imaginative and full of satisfaction, as long as they remember to keep the intensity of lovemaking strong.


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