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Writing at , noted legal scholars Richard Garnett, John Inazu, and Michael Mc Connell made a very interesting observation about the absurdity and harm that issue from the proponents of government orthodoxy on sexual matters.

The Equality Act, as I’ve written elsewhere, is, to date, the most expansively threatening piece of legislation ever proposed, one that would deliberately take aim at religious liberty and jeopardize the integrity of religious institutions.

She also made belittling remarks about religious liberty, particularly in the context of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis and Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

This is particularly ironic, since it was Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, who signed a federal RFRA into law back in the 1990s, when gay rights weren’t as fashionable as they are today.

The pitched, glossed-over caricatures of religious liberty elicited by Clinton are unbecoming for someone of her stature, and furthermore, they devalue by way of cynicism a bedrock value at the heart of our Constitution.


If you’ve paid attention to the national conversation on religious liberty of late, these assaults on constitutional principles like religious liberty and settled public policy like RFRA don’t come as a shock.n Saturday morning, Hillary Clinton addressed the nation’s most influential gay-rights lobby, the Human Rights Campaign. Fearing that potential candidate Vice President Joe Biden’s Saturday-evening speech to the same group might outpace her own record on gay rights, Clinton took to the podium to assure Human Rights Campaign staffers that a Clinton presidency would be fully committed to the advancement of gay rights.


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