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It also helps you to bring him closer ;) It is often a good idea to groom each other when you are going for a party or get together.It strengthens the bond between two people as looking good becomes a necessity for a hot pose!You might say, “Awww, they look so cute together” or “Nah, they’re not meant for each other,” but one thing’s for sure — you want to know the relationship status of your favourite film stars.So here’s an update on some Bollywood love stories.

However, in a recent interview, Padukone subtly denied it saying, “I have understood it (the speculations) well enough to know what I should absorb and what I shouldn’t.

No matter how cheesy they make it or how exaggerated thing are on screen, these movies always end up giving a few cute, simple and yet very effective ideas that can add the much-required fun to a relationship.


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