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A perennial problem - leaving it too late to lock in the next date so that the next date is more than a week later, and you’ve lost the buzz. I've recently had 14 'no' respones in a row on RSVP. I'm not Elle Macpherson, but nor am I unattractive.They found that more women are putting it out there, with 17 per cent willing to text a bloke the following day if she likes him. That 14 men would deem me unsuitable even for a 'let's see' coffee beggars belief. The other week, I went out for a date with a nice man.But that 32 per cent wait up till a week later to do so - and they certainly won’t get in touch the next day. We've tried everything - speed dating, Fit2Date, singles events, 'putting ourselves out there'...time we've had mixed results, but pending one recent hook-up (watch this space) we're all still single.

People don't set up another catch up when they are seeing friends, because they aren't sure when they will next be available.

A cute Frenchman friend of mine who has recently arrived in this city lamented the lack of dating ability of Perth women. While the figures give some interesting insight into the minds of single people, they hardly hand out all the answers.


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