Challenges of dating a police officer

I've found the book to be an excellent resource and I know the course attendees will too." "Everyone needs to read Ellen Kirschman's book I Love a Cop! I have referred it to several people whom all love it as well." "Your book has already been a god send for me....

The book has really helped me realize what both of us need to be prepared for in the future....

Nothing worth doing is easy--and that includes loving a cop. Separating fact from myth, I address these and other critical questions.

Being a member of the law enforcement community is a source of pride for officers and families alike. After working with police officers and their families for more than 30 years I know practical ways to deal with the challenges that come with the territory.

For the last two years I have been dating a police officer...

If not for your book, I wouldn't begin to know how to navigate the challenges of our relationship. You offer explanations for the cop's behavior but not excuses." "I'd like to say a special thank you to you for writing your book "I Love a Cop" it has truly helped me in my understanding of the job/​lifestyle my husband has taken on.... I am currently working on getting a copy of your book into each of my families hands." ...

Kirschmans book, I Love a Cop, along with our new program brochure to each employee in our department....

this book will be a great help to both new employees and their families.


We have attended counseling sessions...we were unable to locate the cause of my anger. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have done. What are the chances of your loved one being killed in the line of duty?Go behind the scenes with other police families as they discuss the benefits and pitfalls of police work; learn how to manage the effects of organizational stress and the pressures of unpredictable schedules, long hours, worry and loneliness; gain awareness of the emotional, physical, and behavioral warning signs which can lead to such extreme situations as posttraumatic stress, alcoholism, suicide and intiate partner abuse; find out where and when to go for help and counseling; and get an inside look at cop couples and the special challenges facing women, minorities, and gays and lesbians on the force.I was asked to present a talk last night for a parent and spouse orientation ....

I brought in my copy of I Love a Cop to show the class....I am a 20 year veteran police officers wife who has also worked in law enforcement....


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