College coach dating player

The cyclical nature of volleyball recruiting can be seen in a few positions; setter, libero and outside hitter.A number of years ago, tall setters were all the rage in recruiting because of the blocking benefit, then the preference shifted to shorter setters who were quick as to get to poor passes.Focus on consistently improving your skill sets, improving your techniques, improving your fitness, improving your mental focus, improving your competitive nature, etc.At Ivy Coach, we provide college counseling to students seeking admission to Ivy League colleges as well as other highly selective universities.Same with outside hitters; used to be that height makes right at all costs.Then college coaches shifted towards non giants because they could pass and play defense, while running faster play sets.Toughness; Mental/Physical, Listening, Execution, Reaction, Communication, 3 on 3, How to get more playing time, Limit fouling, Playing through contact, ball security, possession awareness, and "Shooting Culture." I want to learn about each player before the Academy.Your input can help me address specific points of emphasis, bad habits, and needed areas of improvement.


We offer a free 20-minute college admissions consultation to parents and students by telephone (or Skype / Face Time if the parents and students are outside of the United States).

For students who first come to us as middle schoolers, ninth, tenth, or eleventh graders, we begin with a one-hour evaluation.


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