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Women also employ a look of innocence in order to further play out this idea of cuteness.

Having large eyes is one aspect that exemplifies innocence; therefore many Japanese women attempt to alter the size of their eyes.

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Another subset of Lolita fashion related to "sweet Lolita" is Fairy Kei.

Head-dresses such as giant bows or bonnets are also very common, while lighter make-up is also used to achieve a more natural look.

The second morpheme is cognate with -bayu in mabayui (眩い or 目映い) "dazzling; glaring, blinding, too bright" (ma- is from 目 me "eye").

Over time, the meaning changed into the modern meaning of "cute", and the pronunciation changed to During the Shogunate period under the ideology of neo-Confucianism, women came to be included under the term kawaii as the perception of women being animalistic was replaced with the conception of women as docile.Young celebrities who wish to cultivate a rebellious image, such as many rock musicians, reject the "idol" label.) Speed, Morning Musume, AKB48, Momoiro Clover Z are examples of popular idol groups in Japan during the 2000s & 2010s.


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