Dating hohner guitars

In 1964 Hohner released The Beatles Harmonica Kit which was sold in a blister package, much like most Hohner harmonicas nowadays, retailed for .95, and help what Hohner calls "bring about a new popularity upsurge of the Hohner harmonica on both sides of the Atlantic.". Matthias Hohner and a direct descendent in fourth generation and name bearer of the founder Matthias Hohner (*12 December 1833 - 12 December 1902) was one of the last members of the Hohner dynasty involved in managing the family business between 19.

His son Matthias Francisco Hohner belonged to the first generation of direct descedents who did not enter into the family business.

The company also makes kazoos, recorder flutes, melodicas, banjos, guitars, bass guitars, accordions ,and ukuleles (under the brand name Lanikai), along with its one million harmonicas a year.



If your serial number has 2 lines of numbers please enter only the bottom row to the lookup form below. In the event you are presented with multiple dates your serial number may be a duplicate. *If you have any issues using the search bar below, let us know here.

Hohner brand stringed instruments sold in the United States are warranted by Hohner, Inc.


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