Dating in san murino

San Marino is comprised of native Sammarinese and Italian citizens.

Although Italian-speaking and heavily influenced by the surrounding Italian culture, the Sammarinese have maintained their individuality through the centuries, have a strong sense of identity, and are proud of their unique culture. San Marino, one of the smallest republics in the world, is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, south of the city of Rimini on the northern part of the Adriatic coast.

The capital is located in the main town, also called San Marino.

Other important towns include Serravalle, Borgo Maggiore, and Domagnano. A 1997 survey put the population of San Marino at 24,714 of which 14 percent are were fourteen years old and younger, 68 percent were between fifteen and sixty-four years old, and 18 percent were sixty-five years old and over.

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Marino; on the right, a marble monument houses a shrine which contains the top of the Saint’s skull.

The Church of San Pietro, dating to the XVI century and renovated in or about 1826, is situated to the right of the Basilica.

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There are several streams and small rivers, including the Ausa, Marano, and the San Marino.


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