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However, local newspapers are not allowed because they may contain information about a pending trial.Proper clothing is required in the courtrooms of the courthouse.Employers are required by Nevada State Law, NRS 6.190, to allow you, as a prospective juror, the time off to participate in the jury process.An employer's failure to comply may result in a civil action against the employer.


You are welcome to bring a book, magazine, or personal work with you.On your reporting date and while serving as a juror, parking is pre-paid at 425 Fremont Street. We are unable to pay for parking in restricted areas, timed areas, or at parking meters.When you are sworn in as a juror in a case on trial, there are some rules of conduct you should observe.Jury Services is located on the Third Floor of the Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Avenue, in Downtown Las Vegas.

On your scheduled appearance day, report to the Regional Justice Center, located at 200 Lewis Avenue in Las Vegas.

Each person summoned to report is entitled to a fee of for each day after the second day of jury selection and, if sworn in as a juror, is entitled to a fee of for each day or service.


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