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And our service orchestration tool, Juju, makes deploying big data services surprisingly simple — on bare metal or in the cloud.

That’s why vendors like 10gen, Cloudera, Couchbase, Data Stax, Hortonworks, Lexis Nexis and Map-R partner with us.

KVM virtualisation is now also available in Ubuntu Server for ARM and IBM POWER8.

Canonical supports an open ecosystem of operating system intercompatibility.

When you use a secure, lean version of Ubuntu as a guest operating system for your application, you can create virtual machines and machine containers in seconds.


Ubuntu cloud guest offers all the benefits of Ubuntu Server, specially tailored for public cloud infrastructures and without any licence restrictions.With the option of a command line or browser-based interface, Juju enables you to deploy entire workloads in just a few clicks.It works on public clouds like AWS and HP Cloud, private clouds built on Open Stack and even directly on bare metal, via MAAS.Download Ubuntu Server It doesn’t matter whether you want to deploy a No SQL database, web farm or cloud.


Ubuntu has the performance and versatility you need.Exchange expertise and ideas with thousands of other IT professionals Want to talk to other Ubuntu users straightaway?


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