Joseph gordon levitt and claudia schiffer dating


Here are the nine hottest moments of the man I’ll heretofore call JGL. These kickass hosting gig: He was very excited and overcaffeinated during the monologue, and these awesome intro cards perfectly captured his hotness. But men in uniform are my thing, and JGL’s transformation into a gun-totin’ cop (very Jason Statham! And SPOILER ALERT, it wouldn’t be the last time in , JGL remains buoyant enough throughout the film that a hotness check remains necessary. He announces his has a GF but won't name her and says she lives on another continent.It reminds me of those sad teenagers who can't get a GF and say she a model and lives in another city. meh...[quote]What do you mean he has a girl friend???As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt felt the weight of his parents’ politics early on. “I’m losing parts left and right to the Rock,” he jokes of his place in L.A., adding, “I’m just trying to do work that I believe in.” Which, by the way, includes this shoot with the permahot Claudia Schiffer.The film may be a tough sell, what with Iraq-themed movies falling at the box office.But he’s quick to point out that unlike some of those films, isn’t a polemic: “The movie isn’t about geopolitics or oil.


You may only remember Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the little boy on 3rd Rock From The Sun, but he’s 27 now and kinda looks like Heath Ledger. When a film throws that much exposition at you, you simply forget to care about the characters, even ones inhabitied by living goddesses like Marion Cotillard.


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