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Among other things, he tells her, Lee returns to the school where she has been assigned to the maternity ward.

Published: May, 1963 by Charlton Comics Cover price: 12¢ Time Capsule: Residential nursing schools for RNs aren’t very common anymore — there’s maybe one left in St Louis where there were once at least half a dozen.

In 1963 and ‘64, Charlton Comics published six issues of Three Nurses.

Each issue of this romance comic features a trio of stories, one featuring student nurse Lee Barry, another starring registered nurse Anne Allen, and a final story with visiting nurse Nancy White.

Now, most RNs earn their degrees at a four year college, or at least a community college.


The delivery scene was a sign of the times, for sure.

Most progressive moment: Nothing very progressive here at all, I think the opening diary scene actually set things back a few years. We’re told the mother is in “violent labor” and yet the doctor is nowhere to be seen.



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