Laws regarding teen dating violence in canada

Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (1994): vol. Adolescents who experience dating violence are not only at an increased risk of being physically injured, but are also more likely to report binge drinking, suicide attempts, physical fighting, and sexual activity.Charges will be laid in all spousal abuse cases where reasonable grounds to charge exist.Crown prosecutors are required to prosecute in all spousal abuse cases where a reasonable likelihood of conviction exists.This includes: Most people settle their differences outside of court (for example, through mediation or arbitration).

In a deeply split 6-3 decision, the court ruled yesterday the so-called "spanking" defence in Canadian law does not protect or excuse "outbursts of violence against a child motivated by anger or animated by frustration." Still, parents, their stand-in caregivers, and teachers may use reasonable force if it is for "educative or corrective purposes," Chief Justice Beverley Mc Lachlin wrote for the majority. "Criminal Justice Processing of Sexual Assault Cases," Juristat: Service Bulletin. Elder abuse may be defined as "any act of commission or omission that results in harm to an elderly person".

January 2015) Intimate partner violence is defined as violence between legally married, separated, divorced, common-law partners (current and former), dating partners (current and former) and other intimate partners.

Dating partners include boyfriends/girlfriends (current and former) and other intimate partners (whom the victim had a sexual relationship or mutual sexual attraction but were not considered to be a boyfriend/girlfriend).

Dating violence is an intentional act of violence (whether physical, sexual or emotional) by one partner in a dating relationship.

It is an abuse of power where one person tries to take control over another person.

Other common offences committed included common assault (27 per cent) and uttering threats (12 per cent).


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