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Companies report corruption as the number one constraint for doing business in Kazakhstan.Corruption is rampant throughout the country's political circles, and networks of patronage and clientelism negatively affect the country’s business environment.The government undertook initiatives to prosecute law enforcement officials guilty of corruption; however, impunity in the police is still a problem (HRR 2015).Companies report that the Kazakhstani police cannot be consistently relied upon (GCR 2015-2016).Companies complain about the inconsistent application of laws and regulations as a means for officials to extort bribes (ICS 2016).It is also reported that the government uses at times bureaucratic stalling tactics to pressure companies into giving up contractual concessions in return for services (licenses, permits, etc.) that companies are otherwise entitled to (ICS 2015).More than a quarter of companies expect to give gifts to obtain a water connection, while more than a third expect to give gifts when getting an electrical connection (ES 2013).


The judge had allegedly demanded USD 740 in bribes in return for illegal assistance in a case (HRR 2015).In one case, one company did not receive the anticipated relief, despite winning a dispute against the government of Kazakhstan in court (ICS 2015).


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    Glance through and familiarize yourself on the different processes and techniques.

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