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The fact the opinion of people I haven’t seen in 10 years still oddly matters to me is also rather horrifying.

As the day draws closer, I still don’t know if I’m willing to make the trek down and attend what will likely be one of the more awkward experiences of my adult life.

Here are 8 life lessons I learned from my college reunion: 1) Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be Back in 2001-2005 never did I imagine myself living in Chicago, working in legal email and social media marketing but here I am, the happiest, most comfortable, most accepting of my life I’ve ever been. But different – perhaps who I was supposed to be all along.

2) The farther you fall, the higher you bounce back For those of you that didn’t know me before the trials and tribulations, I am a different person. 3) There’s more to sorority life than parties Being a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority (and President at that! Within the first 2 minutes of stepping back into the house, I immediately went to the President’s room where I met the current President. Not to mention, proudly wearing a KAO pin on my jacket while leaving the hotel is a great icebreaker while in the elevator.

I met amazing people in college and had adventures in cities and places around the world. I’ve challenged and pushed myself until I thought I’d break.


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Foreign spoken languages Beginner Beginner Age46 years Member since January, 2nd 2016Country Reunion City Saint Denis Zodiac Leo My height (in cm)172 cm My weight (in kg)89 kg My eye color Brown My hair color Black My occupation Executive of the Public, intellectual and artistic profession.

High School Reunions ONLINE, the web site dedicated to keeping friends connected. Update address information you previously posted on your class directory. Update reunion information previously posted on your grad class announcement page.

There’s no Taylor Swift montage that will help me explain my life and my choices to people who honestly aren’t putting as much thought into me as I’m putting into them. Perhaps it’s to prove some stupid middle school point or perhaps it’s just because there’s strength in numbers.

The end of all of this being, I think, “How about we… ” Joy Engel lives and works in Portland, Maine where she tweets far too much and solves the occasional murder-mystery while riding around on a bicycle.Our services provide you the opportunity to keep in touch with high school friends and classmates long after graduation and reunions. If you, your school or your graduation class reunion are not listed, select one of our services to get back in touch with your classmates and friends today!


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