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All properties of the late King Birendra, Queen Aishworya and their family members will be brought under the government and a trust will be formed to use it for the benefit of the country. Ilam There would be three smaller camps located in the periphery of each of these main camps.All properties obtained by King Gyanendra as a monarch (such as places in different places, forests and natural reserves, heritage sites of historical and archeological nature, etc.) will be nationalized. 4.2 Once the combatants of the Maoist army are in the cantonments, all arms, except the arms and ammunitions needed for the security of the cantonment, will be stored inside the cantonment and will be locked, whose key will remain with Maoist side.Both sides respect the right to work prescribed by the International Labour Organisation. They also fully agree not to include or use children who are 18 years old and below in the armed force. Both sides agree to the freedom of opinion and expression; freedom to assemble peaceably and without arms; freedom of movement; freedom to practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, industry or trade; press and publication rights; the freedom to take part in peaceful political activities; the right of equality before the law; and to implement and have a tolerable system of justice implemented. Dispute Settlement and Implementation Mechanism 8.1. Both sides agree to become responsible and accountable in a personal and collective way and not to repeat in future mistakes committed in the past and also to correct these mistakes on a gradual basis. The National Peace and Rehabilitation Commission can set up mechanism as per the need for making the campaign for peace successful.Children thus affected would be instantaneously rescued and necessary and suitable assistance would be provided for their rehabilitation. The composition and working procedures of the Commission would be as determined by the interim Council of Ministers. Both sides are committed to settle all kinds of present or possible future mutual differences or problems through mutual talks, understanding, consensus and dialogue. Both sides express commitment that the interim Council of Ministers can constitute and determine the working procedures of the National Peace and Rehabilitation Commission, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the High-level State Restructuring Recommendation Commission and other mechanisms as per the need to implement this agreement, the Interim Constitution and all the decisions, agreements and understandings reached between the Seven-party Alliance, the Government of Nepal and the CPN (Maoist). Implementation and Follow-up Both sides have agreed to make the following arrangements for the implementation of the understandings mentioned in this agreement and for their follow-up - 9.1.The Interim Council of Ministers shall prepare and implement the detailed action plan of democratisation of the Nepali Army by taking suggestions from the concerned committee of the Interim Parliament. Termination of military action and armed mobilisation: 5.1.1. Both sides agree to make public the status of every individual made 'disappeared' and held captive and inform about this to their family members, legal advisor and other authorised person. Both sides shall respect and protect the citizens' right to free mobility and the freedom to choose within legal norms the location of one's residence and express the commitment to respect the right of the people displaced by the conflict and their families to return back to their homes or to settle in any other location of their choice. Both sides will not create hurdles in the supply of medicines and in health assistance and campaigns, and express commitment for treatment and rehabilitation of the people injured in course of the conflict. With the realisation of the fact that the right to education should be guaranteed and respected, both sides are committed to maintaining a conducive academic environment in the educational institutions.

3.1 Based on the 2063 Kartik 22 decisions (Appendix-6) of the leaders of the SPA and CPN (Maoist) ensure a far-reaching political, economic and social transformation 3.2 Based on the Interim Constitution, create an interim legislature-parliament and by Jestha of 2064, under the interim government, hold free and fair lections of the Constituent Assembly, and internalize in practice the sovereignty inherent in Nepali citizens 3.3 None of the rights regarding the system of governance of the state will be vested on the king.

Direct or indirect use of any type of weapon or acts of attack against each other. Searching or confiscating weapons belonging to other side with or without weapons at the place where the arms have been stored as per the understanding reached between both sides. Hurt or render mental pressure against any individual. They agree to put to an end, on an immediate basis, activities like taking the educational institutions under control and using them, abducting teachers and students, taking them under control and making them to disappear, and to not to establish barracks in a way that it would impede them. Both sides agree that the private property of any individual would not be seized or usurped, except permitted by the laws. Both sides believe in the fact that the industrial climate in the country should not be disturbed and production should be given continuity and that the right of collective bargaining and social security should be respected.


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