Ocean city md dating

We married each other on September 21, 2012 at the Princess Bayside with our friends and family present.

We continue to return to the beach and look forward to many more trips to the beach as a couple and eventually start bringing our family to the beach.

...about being nervous making sure everything would fall into place!

Sean and Cassandra Rox of Rox Beach Weddings and their crew were so great and friendly it felt like family we hadn't seen in a long time.



We found Rox Beach Weddings online and loved everything we saw! The feeling was so amazing as my dad walked me down the sand toward the man I was about to marry while the sun shone down and the waves crashed in on that beautiful September morning.

We had a most wonderful and flawless and beautiful ceremony!! Trying to plan a ceremony from a few states away, can be difficult, Sean and Cassandra made the ceremony part the easiest.



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