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King Abdullah has put the prominent Wahabi cleric and imam of the Grand Mosque, Abdul Rahman al-Sudais, in charge of the expansion while the Saudi Binladin Group – one of the country’s largest firms – has won the construction contract.While there is little disagreement over the need to expand, critics have accused the Saudi regime of wantonly disregarding the archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of Islam’s two holiest cities.Do all premarital relationships inherently count as "approaching immoralities"? But the temptations involved with being in a relationship cannot be overstated — the prophet himself is reported to have said that there is no trial more dangerous to his than women — and the longer one is in any such relationship, the closer and closer one gets to straying.

There are ways you could expand Mecca and Medina while protecting the historical heritage of the mosque itself and the surrounding sites.” There are signs that King Abdullah has listened to concerns about the historical destruction of Mecca and Medina.The building, which is also known as the Grand Mosque, is the holiest site in Islam because it contains the Kaaba – the point to which all Muslims face when praying.


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    The story originally was submitted to Buzz Feed News, who rejected the article because its author had "attached a load of conditions around the words and he wanted it written his way", according to Buzz Feed UK editor-in-chief Janine Gibson.

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