Ps3 froze while updating gta v


This option will wipe all data of your PS3, it's basically a factory restore.

However, the system updates sill stay, so you "only" have to re-install all your games and copy back the savegames onto the PS3.

does it take a certain time for the PS3 to freeze or is it completely random? - but that would be weird since GTA V gets stuck in the loading screen, so it actually still works...

if the console overheats, it just stops pretty much all actions.

Have you noticed any other changes with today’s update?

First off all some info of what i have tried so far and a small story.

The fact that your PS3 freezes during other games also is a little worrying...

I cleaned the disc properly and made sure it had no marks and it installed to another number, probably 5000mb or something but again froze up.

- Did you notice any different noises before and during the freezes?

- could be damaged disc drive or HDD ================================================================================ this part now is not very important as the chances of fixing anything are too low ================================================================================ - There is a fan test for the PS3.

- Restore file system - Rebuild database - Restore PS3-System 3.


If you have freezes with other games, you should try to rebuild the database and maybe then to restore the file system if the problem persists. If those do not work, you should make a backup of all your files you want to keep (which are usually the savegames and maybe some porn stuff) BEFORE you pick that option.MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE YOUR TROPHIES BEFORE DOING THAT Hope this helps some "noobies" out there I tried everything that this says, and it still "freezes".


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