Rules for dating a pilot create your own dating website

” to which you get an answer like, “The same, paperwork all day.” When you date a pilot, it’s never the same. They’ve traveled and met a lot of people which makes for more interesting dinner date conversations than the usual “What do you do besides punching paper all day? Pilots fly with the use of a flight navigation, instincts and trust.So if you’ve dated enough people with trust and control issues, try dating a pilot.Pilots travel and see different parts of the world that gives them tons of ideas that they learn during their travels.They discover exotic trinkets and familiarise themselves with customs outside their own which puts a more interesting twist to finding you a new gift every time—with stories behind it!

Truth is, just like everyone else’s life, it really can suck. Now, long time pilots at major airlines make good money, but pilots just starting out make very little. Now, that’s bad enough, but flight school is really expensive. It’s not like I can get him to help me while he’s off in Timbuktu. They even have an acronym for it – “AIDS” (Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome). It is rarely glamorous, and almost always logistically difficult.

Having been around for 10 years in the aviation industry, we’ve met amazing pilots and heard great stories that has inspired us more to do what we do best.


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