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“What I would like to point out is our success is because we are a partner with the Corps of Engineers, and we look at that as a very important partnership,’ Rollinson said.“It’s a partnership where we make sure that clients come back.But much of his great reputation is rooted in his 25 years of naval service, where he earned a bronze star with valor, five air medals, and received two Purple Hearts for wounds in combat.“My tours in Vietnam were probably what really shaped me into the way I look at things today,” Rollinson said.Is health care speed-dating the way to find the doctor of your dreams?Florida Medical Center in Lauderdale Lakes will be hosting a free event on Valentine's Day to let prospective patients meet physicians through a rotating series of five-minute conversations.Kathy Scarbrough, owner of Mighty Muscle Cleaning in Birmingham, Ala., served 20 years in information technology in the U. Navy and said the day’s activities were extremely valuable to her as a service disabled veteran, even though her business already has already had contracts with the Veteran’s Administration and General Services Administration.“Being a service disabled veteran owned business right here right now is a great opportunity, especially for me,” Scarbrough said.


The SBA began accepting applications for this program Oct. “Under the new mentor-protégé rules, your mentor can invest up to 40 percent into your firm in an equity interest of up to 40 percent. That’s a big deal for these protégés because now they can really capture some money,” said Michelle Kantor, a lawyer with Mc Donald-Hopkins.

“The experience you get with the military, the bonds that you made with the military, the leadership skills that you pick up and learn from”…

these are things that prepared him for his future in business, he added.

Nash explained that bonds are not insurance but rather a third-party guarantee to a government entity that is required by law that ensures the work will be completed and all bills paid under a contract.

“The only reason you would want one is because you can’t go get the jobs to work to make the money that you know how to do unless you have a bond,” Nash said.“Events like this help me forecast my whole year as far as contracting, what contracts I want to go after, what month they are going to come out, who I need to talk to.” Retired Lt. Robert Flowers, well known in Corps of Engineers for his service and leadership as the 50th chief of engineers, also attended and praised the organizers for putting on a first-class presentation for small businesses.



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