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Then, with « I'm breathless », things deteriorated : the songs were really average and the exhibitionist mood started to peak !The « immaculate collection » confirmed this tendency and « Erotica » just killed my passion.This video is surprisingly registered on IMDb while it's a bootleg never commercially released.For those who have the eponymous book, it's a sort of making-of, behind the stage and even incomplete as all the really hard stuff isn't in this video : here we have the beach, cycling, dancing sequences.But going by the pictures of the film, it is evident that the film makers have sought to project illicit affair between the lady teacher and the student.The movie is clearly obscene," argued AIDWA state president T Jyothy.On Friday, Progressive Democratic Students Union (PDSU) took out a huge rally in Hyderabad demanding that the government completely ban the film.

Last week, the UTF moved the SHRC demanding a ban on the film.What message does the film show to the young minds? Meanwhile, R Malleswari, a government teacher and member of Telangana women Teachers Association, also filed a public interest litigation petition in the state high court on Thursday, demanding that the film should not be released on Friday.However, the Board's standing counsel told the court that it had nothing do with the film posters, as they were not part of the movie and it did not certify the posters.The pictures show Kavya Singh (who played the teacher's role) in revealing clothes and Aryaman (the student character) ogling at her; in some pictures, they were even shown in intimate poses.

In fact, the film has been facing troubles from social activists and teachers organizations right from the days of its shooting, when the producers announced its title: "I Love You Teacher" and released its promo poster.

But the steamy pictures released by the producers for promotion of this supposedly romantic thriller have already been on circulation in the internet with large number of hits.



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