Updating a table using a scalar subselect


Interestingly, the containing query can return more than one row if multiple salespeople tie for the maximum sales count, while the subquery is guaranteed to return a single row and column.

If there are 100 people in the department, each of the 100 salaries needs to be compared to the entire set of 100.Noncorrelated subqueries allow each row from the containing SQL statement to be compared to a set of values.You can divide noncorrelated subqueries into the following three categories, depending on the number of rows and columns returned in their result set: Depending on the category, different sets of operators may be employed by the containing SQL statement to interact with the subquery.For the previous three queries, failure to include either the ANY or ALL operators may result in the following error: The wording of this error message is a bit confusing.


After all, how can a single-row subquery return multiple rows?

Consider the following UPDATE statement, which rolls up data from an operational table into an aggregate table: table.



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