Updating cargo trailer walls reverse dns records not updating

The side wall construction of the trailers disclosed in the prior art have additional drawbacks.When these cargo trailers are loaded with cargo, typically a forklift is used to place the cargo in the trailer.Many times the forklift, while doing this, will hit the sides of the trailer causing damage to the sides of the trailer.Eventually, the damage becomes so extensive that the walls have to be replaced, resulting in demolition and reconstruction of the trailer which is very costly.Additionally, the prior art has constructed thin walls with liners that are made of plastic that snap in between the posts of the wall.


The outer plates also contain holes of equal diameter regularly spaced along the outer plates that coincide with the location of the holes in the flanges of the thin posts.

The present invention provides an improved construction of a thin wall for a cargo trailer that maintains its structural strength while at the same time protects the posts from damage.

More specifically, the thin wall construction consists of adjacent overlapping outer plates, a plurality of regularly spaced thin posts and a plurality of liner panels between the thin posts.

A cargo trailer having thin walls wherein the thin walls consist of a plurality of adjacent overlapping outer plates, a plurality of regularly spaced thin posts and a plurality of thin liner panels between and overlapping the posts.


The liner panels are u-shaped plates with flanges on each edge containing holes of equal or alternating diameters.

Thus there is a need for a cargo trailer side wall that is as thin as possible while still maintaining its structural strength and stiffness.



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