Updating wwii discharge papers

You'll need to provide evidence such as witness statements, copies of records that support your case, including a clear statement from the Veteran explaining why the records are improper.Those statements from people who have direct knowledge or involvement are important.

Their medical opinion should explain the cause and effect leading up to the misconduct.However this PDF is informative on Individuals who are entering the military are subject to both a physical and a mental examination.If such an individual states that he or she is transgender, transsexual or trans-identified, then they will be rejected as unfit under the applicable medical standards of the branch of service the individual is attempting to join.Given to those whose performance is satisfactory but may have issues, such as minor misconduct.

Service members are required to sign documents acknowledging potential prejudice which may be received in civilian life under this discharge which may exclude them from certain benefits, programs, disability benefits, etc.

The military does not recognize the professional standards of care when it comes to hormone therapy, living in the appropriate gender identity, and gender confirming surgery.



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