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I do think her family may be one reason she hasn't come out, but her career and large male fan base is probably another factor. Since there was a lot written about Carrie in the St Vincent Thread I think we should be allowed to post a couple things about "Angelic Annie" here.

This post is a little sad but I wonder if it's true.

Carrie at Annie & Alan's 30th birthday party (they share a b-day) in New York- Sept 28, 2012From before the speculation of Carrie dating Annie started on the L Chat:"my friend albert was waiting with people after a st.

vincent show to meet annie clark, and when she came out of her dressing room carrie pulled her back inside and slammed the door.

Brownstein and her bandmate Corin Tucker were undoubtedly excited to be featured, but what landed in their hands after publication is not what they expected.

She received a phone call from her father saying he read the profile, which outed her by mentioning the two bandmates had dated.

Sarah and Corin were in a group called Cadallaca, Corin's parallel project during the S-K era.


You feel like you never want to be complacent or smug or entitled, and you want to ask and demand — not only of yourself but of the audience — to try harder, to feel more, to be bolder, to participate.” The only photo I could find of Carrie and Chelsey is this small one of them performing for the Rock 'n' Roll Camp For Girls (she's the blonde) [source]They both contributed to Miranda July's "Learning to Love You More" project.She comes from a very big Texas family who has already been through some very tough times over the last few years with her dad's arrest and her mom's cancer and I think when Annie came out to her mom and sister they ask for her to wait because it would be too much for the family to handle.



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