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She won nine times that year, including the LPGA Championship, eight times in 1979 and she was the nicest person in the world.

“After my first year I thought, ‘I could be a flash in the pan,’ and I was also determined to prove I was not,” Lopez has said.

Lopez is the only woman to win LPGA Rookie of the Year, Player of the Year, and the Vare Trophy in the same season (1978).

Her company, Nancy Lopez Golf, makes a full line of women's clubs and accessories. Lopez was married to Houston sportscaster Tim Melton from 1979 to 1982.

During each of the LPGA's five major championships, espn W will chat with a past champion and see what she's up to.

She can't remember what she did yesterday, let alone what her schedule is a week from now.

At that point, she was Player of the Year three times, Vare Trophy winner three times and her stroke average in 1985 of 70.73 was then an LPGA record. She was the youngest qualifier for the LPGA Hall of Fame and had to wait six months to be inducted as the rules for admission required that a player be on tour for 10 years.

“I feel honored to be with the other women in the Hall of Fame,” Lopez said.


Lopez retired from regular tournament play in 2002 and attempted a return in 20.

“They’ve got the wrong person playing Wonder Woman,” said Judy Rankin.

“We’re all trying to steal Nancy’s birth-control pills, but so far we’ve been unsuccessful,” said Jo Anne Carner.

In her return season, she played six tournaments, failed to make the cut in any of the tournaments and only broke 80 in three of the 12 rounds.

In 2008 she played in three events, with a low score of 76, never making the cut.

Since 1986, she has hosted the Nancy Lopez Hospice Golf Classic at the Doublegate Country Club to raise money for Albany Community Hospice, returning yearly even after her divorce from Knight in 2009.



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